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  • Happy Holidays and WOW! (UPDATED!)

    Hey gang!

    How is everyone?!  Hope you all are enjoying the season's festivities and surrounded by those you love.  From all of us in the Rosewood Bluff to all of you out there, we wish you the happiest of holidays!

    Some exciting news!  Nothing like rubbing the sleep out of your eyes, picking up your electronic handheld device, and discovering... your band made not one but FOUR best of 2014 lists!

    Country Fried Rock gave us the 2014 nod!  Thank you SO MUCH!!!  We're thrilled!

    The Americana Music Show has kindly named us #2 right behind our friends from St. Paul and The Broken Bones!  DANG!  That's some fantastic company!  Thank you, Americana Music Show!!!

    12/23 UPDATE!!! 

    We just discovered we're on two other lists as well!  Holy moly, y'all!  We are hummbled and honored to have so many kind nods from the music community.  

    Eric Hodge at WUNC named us his Top 5 Music Recommendations of 2014!  Thanks Eric and WUNC!!!  Check it out here:

    Trigger over at named us as one of the 50 Essential Albums of 2014.  Thank you to the Saving Country Music community and all of our supporters over there that keep the torch of country music burning brightly!

    Seriously... this is amazing.  John and I were chatting about how far things have come in a year, and we simply can't thank you all enough.  Thank you to our wonderful fans, supporters, fellow musicians, and everyone else that has ever stopped for a second to turn an ear our way.  Without all of you in the Rosewood Bluff community, we would not be where we are today or on so many fantastic lists!  You have our deepest thanks, love, and appriciation for just being you.

    What's up next?  Why... ElvisFest of course!  More on that in the New Year's edition of the Rosewood Bluff blog. :D  And, no!  We're not giving any hints on our choices.  See you out and about!  Be safe wherever you are traveling and don't burn yourself while baking (I all ready took care of that for y'all!).

    UPDATE 1/7/15

    And... TWO MORE!!!

    Thank you Turf 'n' Sport!  You guys are super sweet to give us the mention!

    Thank to WXDU for naming us NUMBER ONE NC release of 2014!!!  Dang!

    Much love!