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  • Welcome to The Rosewood Bluff's New Home!

    Hello all you lovely Rosewood Bluff fans!

    Bassist Billie reporting for blogging duty.

    Welcome to The Rosewood Bluff's new home on the web!  As we're looking forward to our spring and summer shows, we thought it'd be a good idea to keep all of our news in one place and help keep track of all the newfangled social media outlets.

    You should see John work his Twitter magic.  I'm impressed!  I can't figure Twitter out for the life of me, but he's tweeting and retweeting like a champ.  He also fixed the leaky faucet at home.  He's on a winning streak for sure!

    Keep an eye out as we work through all the elements of our new website and add our spring/summer show dates.  We're really excited about everything coming together!

    We'll be launching a Kickstarter campain soon to help release our next album, which we are also really excited about.  John's been songwriting up a storm, and we're working through a bunch of new tunes we hope you'll enjoy.

    Hope to see you all out and about soon!